Designer: Meegan of MESwimwear

Designer: Meegan of MESwimwear

A Moment With ….
Meegan of MESwimwear
October 2013


Meegan Elizabeth

Designer, MEswimwear

What do you like most about living & working on Oahu?

For me, the draw is that it’s an international city with an international business scene so there’s a good blend of people who come on & off the island. Obviously, the beaches are a draw & the people too. The main reason to be here is the people, it’s all Ohana.

How does the nature of your work relate uniquely to the islands?

My designs are always fresh. The waves come in & out all the time & there is that refreshing feeling in my work. The cut is for the local girl. They like the cut small. And so I design some of suits to be very small. And they look great! The girls don’t want tan lines and they look hot anyway!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I can be driving by Diamond Head & see the rocks & get a whole concept of suit, photoshoot & my mind will just flood with ideas. Anything can happen. The beach is always refreshing & inspirational in its own way. To just mellow out & let your mind free & that’s always nice.

Do you have a favorite season for style & fashion?

Endless Summer Baby! Endless summer is the one draw to swimwear. You put a suit on and remember all the good times & here in Hawai’i they don’t end. But I do love Fall.  I love winter & I love Spring. I love all the seasons. But if I had to pick, Summer for me. Carefree…childhood…there are so many things…

If you weren’t living & working in Hawai’i you’d be….

Traveling the world, being a gypsy in the best possibly way.