Portrait & Dialogue with Vegans: Janessa

Portrait & Dialogue with Vegans: Janessa

of lovelightnfruit.com
Honololu, Hawai’i (Oahu), USA

When did you become vegan?
 January 1st, 2014. It was part of a new years resolution and I have stuck with it ever since.  Feeling sick from the Paleo diet, I stumbled upon the high fruit, high carb/low fat, whole foods diet randomly and thought I would give it a shot! I instantly cured my digestive issues, had heaps of energy, and felt glowing from the inside, out.  Shortly after my health skyrocketed I did more research on factory farming and the detrimental effects that animal agriculture has on the planet and that sealed the deal with my decision to stick with the vegan lifestyle for life! It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are not only benefiting your health, but choosing cruelty free foods that benefit the planet and animals we share it with.
What services do you offer?
One on one coaching for women: get to know your body, how it works and gain the knowledge to take back your health with natural, healing foods that will make you feel years younger!  Learn the master mindsets to gain confidence, peace of mind and release the stress from your life.
Meal plans: customized meal plans designed around your food preferences/needs, all meals are made with whole food, plant based ingredients
Grocery tour: learn how to read labels and what ingredients to look out for when shopping for foods.
Food demos: Showing you exactly what meals to cook for you and your whole family, that will save you money, time and be super delicious & nutritious as well
Have you explored more raw vegan foods and restaurants around the island (or elsewhere)?  
I have not been to other raw vegan places, but there are vegan restaurants like Peace Cafe & Simple Joy in Honolulu which are absolutely amazing! I also would recommend Cafe Gratitude in Berkely/LA, CA for some tasty raw vegan meals.
What advice would you give to those who are interested in transitioning to veganism but still struggle with, for example, addictions to dairy or other animal based products.
Don’t look at all the things you cant have but all the things you can eat and benefit from on a vegan lifestyle! There are so many varieties of plant foods its pretty amazing how much fun it can be discovering and trying new recipes, vegetables, fruits or beans we haven’t heard of before.  The addicting components of animal products can be hard to break free from, but nowadays it is easier than ever to find non-dairy alternatives like cheese, ice cream, cream cheese, cakes, baked goods, plant based meats, all vegan. These transition foods are so great, but if you really want to stick to a vegan diet it is SO important to eat enough carbohydrates coming from whole foods like fruit, rice, whole grains, beans, legumes and veggies! When we fill our energy tank with enough fuel & brain power we will not reach for other non-foods like animal products.  It is also key to have support! If you surround yourself with people that can encourage & help you along the way it makes the journey so much easier. Check out meetup.com to find a local vegan meetup group.
I was very happy to have you as the make up artist at my Vegan Cosmetics shoot. It is eye opening, I think, for many to realize that veganism is far more than food choices and has influence over many other spheres of life as well- the products we use on our bodies and in our homes, the clothes we wear, activities we support.  Did you at some point in your life have a pivotal moment of realizing how veganism is so much more than a “diet” and is really a philosophy of living?
Yes, once I saw the documentary Earthlings, it completely changed my outlook on how much we actually use and abuse animals for our pleasure & entertainment.  Its hard to make the connection that animals feel pain and suffering just as much as we do when we simply don’t see what happens behind closed doors.  Once you witness the pain these animals go through every day and are simply being brought into this world only to be used, enslaved, tortured and put down is a wake up call that something has to be done.  Veganism is not about doing NO harm to anyone, but doing the LEAST amount, which is why we can all do our part by choosing plant based foods when possible, not supporting zoos/aquariums/circuses or buying leather/fur or products tested on animals.




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