Portrait & Dialogue with Vegans: Laurie

Portrait & Dialogue with Vegans: Laurie

Laurie Hanan

December 2014

Kapolei Community Park

Kapolei, Hawai’i (Oahu), USA 

From Kaneohe and now living in Kapolei, Laurie is a retired postal clerk and now author of mysteries. We met in Kapolei in late December, 2014 to discuss veganism, being married to non-vegans, the joys of vegan cooking and more.  As we settled into a place in the Community Park, Laurie excitedly pointed out a trio of Hawaiian Stilt Birds not far from us on the grass.

As Laurie and I share in common non-vegan husbands (and the question of how I manage now, married to someone who is not vegan comes up with some regularity), this was something I definitely wanted to ask her about during our talk.

“I’ve always thought of it like changing your religion.  You can’t force your husband to change his religion.  You can just set the example.”

This was the 1st meet in my Portrait & Dialogue series and references to religion and spirituality are thread through many of the dialogues I have with fellow vegans.


How long have you been vegan?

I was “mostly” vegan for many years. In August 2014 I decided to become 100% vegan and not make little exceptions here and there for the sake of convenience.

What were the motivators for you to go vegan?

I have MS and watched a video of Dr. McDougall speaking about auto-immune diseases, and how the immune system can be inflamed by any animal products. I’d tried everything else, so it was time to try this. Besides, I’ve always known vegan is the right thing to be. I needed this push.

Any advice for people transitioning or thinking about becoming vegan?

Pick a starting date: your birthday, January 1, a Monday, or some other day that has special significance to you. Do a little shopping so you’re prepared (and get rid of everything in your kitchen that isn’t vegan!) Remember to pick up a treat, like a carton of vegan ice cream! Have a concrete understanding of your motivation for going vegan, whether for better health, for the animals, or for the Earth, or all three. Get in touch with other vegans for support, because for most people veganism is not an easy path. Google vegan recipes for ideas. Treat yourself to some super special vegan cookbooks with beautiful pictures of food. Think of food preparation as an art form. Savor the smells of herbs and spices. Don’t let yourself be deprived – create extravagant vegan meals, even if it’s just for you.

What is your favorite thing about being vegan?

Living congruently, following my conscience and not having to rationalize anything I eat.

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