Designers: Serena & Nikita of Day & Nite Hawaii

Designers: Serena & Nikita of Day & Nite Hawaii

 Day & Nite Hawaii

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Nikita & Serena

Day & Nite Hawaii

Jewelry & Accessory Designers

What do you like most about living & working in Hawai’i?

 The infinite amount of inspiration. The Hawaiian islands are so unique and beautiful. We love that every day, you have a plethora of adventures to choose from. Inspiration is every where: the beaches, the mountains, the people — it’s captivating.

When did you ladies establish your business & how did you decide on jewelry?

We decided to form Day & Nite a few years ago after realizing we were looking for something more unique than what we were finding in stores. The best thing about designing is knowing you can make something completely different, whether bold or subtle. We love challenging our creativity.

How does the nature of your designs & work relate uniquely to the islands?

We start with a simple idea that is usually inspired by something we’ve done or seen, anything from watersports, hiking, dancing, or dining. We try to achieve a look to fulfill a feeling.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Our lifestyle! Creativity & beauty in all forms.

Your product, to me, brings to mind dancing, spirit & movement. Is there a particular type of music that gets you especially excited to design or relates to your brand?

It’s funny you say that because music & dance have always been a huge part of our lives! There is nothing more inspiring than the power you feel from a band or performer live in front of you, or that excitement you feel when you’re out dancing with your friends and the DJ plays your favorite song. We definitely pull inspiration from those experiences & create jewelry that brings that inspiration to life.

Your beautiful handcrafted jewelry incorporates the use of gorgeous precious stones. Do you each have stones you particularly favor working with?

We love pairing an elegant crystal with a casual oceanic element. We like to use Swarovski crystal, Fresh Water Pearls, unique yet subtle shells. We like using contrasting elements to create a unique look.

Do you have a favorite season for style & fashion?

It sounds cliche, but Summer! It’s always summer in Hawaii. My favorite outfit is a bikini, Maui Jim shades & a stylish combo of D&N jewelry.

Your ideal vacation would be...

Wake up with the sun! Hike, or any water sport, like freedive, surf or wakeboard. A beautiful sunset. Great music to dance to & great friends to enjoy it all with.

Your ideal road trip day on Oahu would be….

West side, hands down. Swimming with the dolphins in Makaha is priceless. We feel so lucky that on any given day off, this paradise is at our fingertips.