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“Shooting with Annika is a fantastic experience. She is professional in every respect & always manages to create a relaxed atmosphere & amazing pictures. It was great fun. Thanks so much.”

-Barbara Laßleben (Business Session; Regensburg, Germany)


“I really love working with Annika & her very calm way of putting her models in a wonderful frame. It is always a lot of fun with the whole team shooting at any kind of location with her. Annika can catch these very special moments in a picture & she doesn’t need  fancy places or big preparation for her amazing pictures. Thank you Annika Lundkvist.”

-Antonia Hammond (Fashion Session; Berlin, Germany)  *Visit Antonia’s Model Site here*

Zeus“I had the opportunity to work with Annika for a shoot we did for my agency. She was very professional, flexible with my ideas & is very talented at what she does. Annika was able to take what was required by my agency & add a splash of her own style to make for some amazing final shots. It was a pleasure to work with & get to know Annika and I look forward to working with her again on new projects.”

-Zeus (Male Session; Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA)


 “The shoot was awesome!!! I loved to shoot with Annika, as soon as possible again!! Great fun, great person, sweet day!”

-Benjamin Keck (Male Session; Salzburg, Austria)


 “Annika knows exactly what she wants for her photos. She knows how to communicate it to her models. Her work is fast without being at all stressful & there’s always room for a little chat.  Thanks for a short, productive, fun & inspiring shoot in Hansaviertel!!!”

-Emily Palmer (Female Session; Berlin, Germany)


 “We greatly enjoyed our photo shoot with Annika. Everything was relaxed, instructions were precise, the results were fabulous. And: Annika is an awesome & fun person to work with. We are hoping to work with her again one day.”

-Marcus Rauchfuß (Steampunk Group Session; Augsburg, Germany)


“My child has worked with Annika on 3 shoots.  Annika’s ‘calm and cheerful’ vibe made each shoot fun and easy and everything always went smoothly.  She’s a pleasure to work with!”

-Erica Ishii (Youth Editorial; Honolulu, Hawai’i)


I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Annika; My home has several of her photographs which I feel capture my children perfectly.  I love her candid artistic style, and her passion and respect for her craft is evident in her work.

-Jill Hipa (Youth Session; Honolulu, Hawai’i)

“We can’t thank you enough for being such an extraordinary part of our family photo session! You went above & beyond to memorialize our day. You are such a pleasure to be around, which made our day very enjoyable. The photos that you took are gorgeous. We love them & will treasure them & our family & friends have nothing but great things to say about your work. Thank you so much for going out of your way (climbing, lying on the ground, sneaking into places ) for us! We are blessed to have found someone as passionate, talented & fun as you are.”

-Zuania & Ivan (Family Session; Bavaria, Germany)


“The minute I saw Annika’s work I was blown away. As an artist coming from New Mexico, I have seen many wonderful art pieces & amazing photographs. But I have to admit, Annika’s work stands out in a category of its own. She has a keen eye for capturing color, light & the human experience. These qualities are often very hard to find in a photographer. After my family photo session with Annika, I was very, very pleased with her professionalism & the outstanding quality of her photos. It left me feeling like my family’s memories were not only captured by a camera, but by our hearts forever.”

-Carrie Bucalo (Family Session; Bavaria, Germany)


“Thank you so much for the pictures from our Wedding Reception. I look like a princess & every picture  looks amazing. You give me memories for  life. I always recommend you & this is one reason more again- I love your work, I love your ´specialty´- you make  pictures natural looking &  good, no matter who is in the photo.  Danke…Dekuju”

-Michaela L’Manian (Wedding Reception Session; Fichten Ranch, Germany)


“We really had a gorgeous time with Annika. She radiates friendliness, warmth & good vibrations & we could really feel the “Eternal Now” every single moment during the shooting! We also appreciate her great professionalism & reliability. Absolutely beneficial!”

-Bernd (Eternal Now; Regensburg, Germany)



 “You don´t even recognize a camera or a photographer. It´s like Annika opens a door to a dimension where you can show your soul!”

-Daniela Patricia (Female Session; Regensburg, Germany)


“Erst einmal einen riesengroßen Dank an Annika für die geilen Bilder! Es war sehr interessant, mit ihr zu shooten & wir hoffen, demnächst wieder zusammenzuarbeiten. Professionell,  kompetent, SEHR zu empfehlen!”

-Darko, Godfathers Tattoo (Male/Ink Culture Session; Nürnberg, Germany) 


 “Die Zusammenarbeit mit Annika hat mir sehr gefallen. Alles lief entspannt & locker ab & ich habe mich in ihrer Anwesenheit durchgehend wohl gefühlt. Obwohl ich nicht perfekt Englisch spreche, gab es kaum Verständigungsprobleme & ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit den Bildergebnissen.”

Ella Rashida (Female Session; Nürnberg, Germany)


“I love your work. I love your pictures…you can see & feel your passion.”

-Belega Wellness & Spa (Business Session, Parsberg, Germany)


 “Bei dem Fotoshooting mit Annika ist mir besonders ihr professioneller Blick für die perfekten Locations & für die Details aufgefallen. Ihre ungezwungene Art & Tipps halfen dabei sehr, optimale Fotos zu erzielen. Als Fotografin ist sie einfach nur weiterzuempfehlen! Es war mir eine große Freude mit Dir zusammenzuarbeiten & danke Dir sehr für diese tollen Shoots. Bleib Dir treu & mach weiter so!”

-Katja Böhme Hackmack (Female Session; Berlin, Germany)


“It was a great and comfortable experience by a seasoned photographer. She brought out the best & made our family pictures memorable.”

-Ortiz Family (Family Session: Regensburg, Germany)

 “We had a photo session with Annika on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We took our dog & she photographed all six of us to include our pup. She is amazing &captured the beauty of our family! Thanks for an amazing experience!!!”

-Berrios Family (Family Session; Bavaria, Germany)

“Das Shooting war sehr cool & locker. Ich konnte mir meine Posen selber aussuchen & bekam dann immer die Hilfe von dir, um es noch besser aussehen zu lassen. Anders als bei anderen Shootings konnten wir uns nur in Englisch verständigen, aber am Ende kamen trotzdem sehr gute Ergebnisse dabei raus. Im Endeffekt war es ein sehr lockeres, gelungenes & mit viel Spaß verbundenes Shooting.”

-David K. (Male Session; Munich, Germany)


“Ich habe inzwischen schon mehrere Fotoshootings mit Annika L. gemacht, & wir hatten sehr viel Spaß dabei! Durch ihre Kreativität konnten wir viele verschiedene Arten von Shootings ermöglichen! Sie ist sehr offen für neue Ideen & versucht auch, diese so gut wie möglich umzusetzen. Neben ihrer Professionalität hat Annika auch einen tollen Charakter. Ich habe nicht nur eine sehr gute Fotografin, sondern auch eine liebe Freundin gefunden!”

-Mareike G. (Female Session; Bayern, Germany)


“We had a great time with Annika photographing us. My crazy family felt comfortable right away. None of us had ever really had a professional session & she was easy going and helped us pose when we had no idea what to do. Even with 2 children under the age of 3 & 5 adults, she was calm, focused & brilliant.”

-Angela Hamilton (Family Session; Parsberg, Germany)


“Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht, mit dir zu arbeiten, da wir ein echt gutes Zeitgefühl hatten & dabei viel Spass hatten. Auch weil du genau wusstest, was du wolltest, hat es mir als Model leicht gemacht, das umzusetzen. Alles Gute für die Zukunft.” 

-Daniel K. (Male Session; Berlin, Germany)


“Thank you Annika for the nice shoot and the cool time. It was nice working with you. Blessings for the future.”

-Eric Starchild (Male Session; Berlin, Germany)